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DVD-ROM Driver question

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    I have an older system running win 98 and a dvd-rom I'm trying to make work with the system. I know that when I do a clean format and install win 98 as a new OS, a cd-rom of course works because the drivers are there in the initial setup. OK now I take this dvd-rom drive and stick it in in place of the cd-rom and it seems to get stuck trying to read a dvd that I have. I've tried several different dvd's and they all do the same. It reads a regular cd very well though. Question is...do I have to install drivers for the dvd drive, as dvd players didn't get big till after win 98? And if so any ideas where I can download them from?
    Thank you very much.
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    What kind of data is on DVD? If its a movie, you'll need a third party software with codecs to play movies. An example program would be Power DVD.

    EDIT: another thing. How does windows identify your dvd drive? You can check the device manager? Does it have DVD anywhere in its name or just CD? The device manager is a good place to start to troubleshoot hardware problems. You can see what drivers your dvd drive is currently using.
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    Just plain data is on the disc. Like avi, mp3, jpeg. I checked the device manager and the make and model # is listed. And it is referred to as a dvd-rom, but in the properties it shows up as a standard cd-rom and the driver file details button is not highlighted. BTW I found a driver for the dvd-rom on my recovery disc, but when I try to install the driver windows doesn't go thru the motions.
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    Since you know the make and model, you can go to the manufactures website and get updated drivers. But since windows is picking it up, I fear that there may be a problem with your laser. But to be sure that you didnt loose the laser, try different dvd formats (dvd+r, dvd-r, etc) and manufacturers. Also try the drive on a different computer (mayb different windows version) and see if it works. If you dont get anything out of that, then chances are that you've lost the (dvd) laser functionality.
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    Like I was saying windows reads a regular cd that I put into the dvd player rather well. So I guess the laser is OK? It just seems to have a problem with dvd's that it tries to read.
    I will try the manufacterers website in the meantime.
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    Oh I see now. I did not realize that there were actually 2 lasers in the device.
    Yeah maybe it's time to chuck it and just get a new one. They're cheap enough anyway.
    Thanx again
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    Yes, as far as windows is concerned, a cd and a dvd are the same device - the interface is identical. If a dvd isn't reading but a cd is, the problem is with the drive.
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    OK. Thanx very much for all the info.
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