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DVR method

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    anybody knows DVR(Discrete variable representation) method?
    how do you use DVR to calculate the zero point energy?
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    DVR is a method for efficiently solving partial differential equations numerically. Specifically, it is an optimal way to choose the spatial grid. If your problem involves a specific potential, on which eigenfunctions are known, then DVR is a way to represent your wavefunction as a superposition of basis functions built out of those eigenfunctions. People use it, for instance, to solve for the time dependence of non-linear Schrodinger equations.

    I do not understand what specific problem you have in mind? Do you want to calculate the zero-point energy of a particle in a specific potential? That is, are we talking about finding the eigenenergies of the Schrodinger equation? Then if you want to do it numerically, there are much simpler schemes. DVR should not be necessary. Matlab, Octave, or Mathematica could do it for you quickly.

    From your post it is difficult to understand what your background is in physics and in programming. In any case, I think one needs to know something about differential equations and solving them numerically before attacking this problem. I also don't understand why you specifically want to calculate the zero-point energy (of what?).
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