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Dwell time

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    Hey people, been getting very annoyed for the past few hours over this one been looking through all my text books and all over the net but cant find a decent explanation of dwell time. Here's my question, Explain dwell time in the context of electronic ignition systems (non-contact breaker points system)

    Need help asap before i smash this keyboard through the monitor.

    Aploagies for posting it twice but i really need help quickly.
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    The basic definition I know of is that dwell is the time that the ignition coil is delivering the power to the spark plug. It's always a balance between charge time for the coil and the dwell. I know this is pretty general, so if you were looking for anything more specific, let us know.
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    Nope thats good, thats pretty much exactly what i just managed to find after many hours of looking. Thank you.

    Don't you just hate the internet for providing very vague answers to whatever it is that you looking for?
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    That's not correct. The dwell time is the amount of time the ignition coil primary has current running through it. So in a points ignition system, it is the amount of time the points are closed. There is only current sent to the spark plug when the points open. So if the dwell time is too short, the current in the primary coils of the ignition coil has not been able to build up far enough so there is not enough magnetic energy stored in the coil to give a good spark.
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    I stand corrected.
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