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Dx/P = dy/Q = dz/R

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    Dx/P = dy/Q = dz/R why we take lP+mQ+nR=0 and then solve?

    why we take lP+mQ+nR = 0 in solution of dx/P=dy/Q=dz/R i-e ldx+mdy+ndz/(lP+mQ+nR) .. when lP+mQ+nR = 0 the expression goes to infinity .. how then we take integral of ldx+mdy+ndz as lx+my+nz= C. kindly clear
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    Let the constant function be dk=dx/P = dy/Q = dz/R. Then we have
    ldx+mdy+ndz= (lP+mQ+nR)dk = 0. Hence the solution.
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