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Dylan Martin - Unix Guy

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    Hi all. A robot told me to introduce myself, so I obey.

    I'm the unix sys admin at Seattle Central College. I probably know far too much about how Apache & Nginx actually work. I found these fora while looking for engineering advice. I have essentially zero physics or engineering education, but I like to tinker with stuff. I built a 14" slide onto the side of my house, I converted a gas moped to electric (it only went 7 mph!), I built our chicken house, swing set, workbench, table saw (circular saw+workbench) and assorted other foolishness. I recently discovered raspberry pi & arduino and just how easy they are to use. I'm currently building an automatic chicken door and a skin-on-frame sailing dinghy.
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    Welcome to PF! PF runs LiteSpeed :)
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    Little do I know of LightSpeed. Nice forum!

    Did I say a 14" slide? I meant 14'. Stone Henge anyone?
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