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Dynamic Analysis Seismic/Response Spec on Staad Pro/AnSys

  1. May 15, 2012 #1
    Hello Folks

    Recently, I was asked to repeat the input and outcome of what I have on a Dynamic Project in MATLAB onto Staad Pro.

    Where you have a SDOF system that had a fixed load on it that will be experiencing seismic forces. The output was the displacement, when it oscillates until the damping factor decreases the amplitude of the displacements to zero.

    The equation of motion is defined as the following

    ma + cv + ku = F

    In MATLAB I've used NewMark method and compared it with the exact solution

    u(t) = u_max(sin(ωΔt + ψ))

    u(t) = {Cexp^(-ζωt)}*sin(ωt + ψ)

    Graphs of displacements and kinetic energies have been noted and comparisons were made. For Staad Pro I just want to use the Analytical solution.

    I been having a hard time implementing this experiment onto Staad Pro/AnSys and finding resources online had been difficult especially for Staad Pro. Would it be possible if you guys could link me to a tutorial, book or give me an idea how to repeat this experiment on Staad Pro by preference?

    If possible for additional work, is Staad Pro capable in performing the same kind of analysis for MDOF systems using Msss, Stiffness and Damping Matrices?

    Any help is well appreciated!

    Thank you
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