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Homework Help: Dynamic equilibrium (I though I understood now went blank again)

  1. Jul 17, 2008 #1
    Hello everyone,

    It is funny that I thought I understood dynamic equilibrium really well but now I have gone blank again. I can do all the calculations and I understand
    Le chatelier principle well. Here are the problems I have.

    2A+B <----> C

    * If forward reaction equals backward reaction wouldn't those two balance out and be zero. Is the reason why this doesn't happen is because both reactions are continuosly occuring. But please elaborate if you can.

    *I checked so many sites on this topic and none of them really talks much about what happens to the moles in dynamic equilibrium. Can anyone tell me what happens to the moles in dynamic equilibrium. I understand that if the reaction occurs according to stoichiometric ratios there would be one way reaction. So roughly when we react 2 moles of A and 1 mole of B do we get like 0.8 moles of C.I'm just asking does something like this happen.

    *If in equilibrium the reactants and products don't act according to their stoichiometric ratios why do we assume so in calculations. Do they always provide us with ICL data in equilibrium questions.

    If anyone can take their time and at least answer one of these questions I would be very greatful. Thank you
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