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Dynamic Legend in MatLab

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    I am trying to do the following:

    for i=1:3
    legend('i legend1','i legend2',''i legend1'')

    where I need to draw the same plots under different settings, such that each function has the same color under the different settings, but with different style, e.g: solid line in the first, dotted in the second, ... and so on. I also want to include the number i in the legend at each iteration. How to do that?

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    Actually, if I'm understanding what you want to do, I think you could get away with using sprintf and format statements as inputs to the legend and semilogy functions.

    Something like:
    Code (Text):

    legend(sprintf('%i legend 1', i), sprintf('%i legend 2', i), sprintf('%i legend 1', i))
    It's not pretty but it should work. You can do something similar for the line types with a cell array.
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