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Homework Help: Dynamic Motion: Frictional Forces and slope

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    In a problem concerning Mechanics/Dynamic Motion, I am asked to find the acceleration net of an unidentified mass. I am given mu (.1) and the slope of the incline (38 degrees). After searching through my notes and as well as online, I cannot seem to find a way to determine the magnitude of the acceleration using only these two pieces of data!

    Net Acceleration = Force Applied - Force of Friction / mass

    mu = .1
    slope incline = 38 degrees

    I am aware of how to use trigonometry with Normal Force, gravity, etc., but with only two measurements, I'm drawing up a total blank on how to properly this problem! I sure appreciate yall helping me out on this. :blushing:
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    Resolve the mass into components parallel to and perpindicular to the slope

    The applied force will be the component of the mass acting down the plane.

    The friction force is mu times the normal reaction to the mass by the plane.
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