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Homework Help: Dynamic quiz

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    http://www.filefreak.com/pfiles/38439/physics.JPG [Broken]

    I dont understand how to dop 4 and 5 Can the moderator or anyone message me back like i was a away for school for 2 weeks like i couldn't get out of bed n i messed alot of classes and i have a quiz based on these questions
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    Problem 4 was addressed in your other thread. Basically these problems have to two with forms of Newton's second law F = ma.

    In problem 5, there are two forces on each glider - the force due to the acceleration of the gliders and the force due to the drag.

    Each glider has a drag of 2000 N. The line between the plane and closest glider will experience the drag of both gliders. In addition, the plane accelerates with both gliders so there is a force associated with those two masses and the acceleration.

    Using the limit of 10,000 N, one subtracts the drag of the gliders, to find the component of tension due to acceleration of the gliders.

    The with that tension (force), one divides by the masses of the gliders to obtain the maximum permissible acceleration.

    Then use the appropriate equation of motion for constan acceleration over a distance d to a given velocity.

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