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Dynamics motion in a plane

  1. Apr 27, 2007 #1

    I tried the tan(theta) = Vy/Vx formula.. got 45 but it was wrong. I even tried using 30/30.27cos(45) but still it was wrong. Any ideas?
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    (a) From the graphs Vx = 8t, Vy = 30 (because from the shape of the graph Vx = at, and when t = 5 Vx = 40, therefore a = 8).

    So at time 4 sec,
    tan(theta) = Vy/Vx = 30/(4*8) = 30/32 = 0.9375
    theta = 43.15 degrees.

    (b) Iintegrate to find the position in X and Y (like a projectile question). Then use Pythagoras to find the distance from the origin.
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