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Dynamics of a single particle

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    http://www.maths.uq.edu.au/courses/PHYS2100/Lnotes.pdf [Broken]

    Apparently it covers:

    Dynamics of a single particle
    • Vector calculus
    • Newton’s 2nd law
    • Work and line integrals, arclength
    • Conservative systems and conservation of energy
    • Central forces and conservation of angular momentum
    • Planetary motion and kepler’s laws
    Dynamics of many particle systems
    • Systems with constraints and general coordinates
    • Conservative systems, stable equilibria
    • Lagrangian Mechanics and calculus of variations
    • Hamiltonian mechanics
    • Poissson brackets and canonical transformations
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    Unfortunately, what is said about angular momentum in 2.12 is inadequate, in that it implicitly assumes that the angular momentum is to be calculated with respect to the fixed origin.
    This is by no means necessary, and the tutorial ought to have included the general case, in which, for example, the point we calculate the angular momentum with respect to assigned a non-zero velocity.
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