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Dynamics - please can someone help

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    hi all pelase can someone help me i have these questions to do and im really finding my new college course hard i dont know where to start and they need to be in on thursday im really stuck. i would appreciate it if anyone could help.

    http://www.cruisewigan.com/3.jpg [Broken]
    http://www.cruisewigan.com/4.jpg [Broken]
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    Question 1:
    Find angular momentum. How can you relate angular momentum, torque, and time?

    Question 2:
    Same procedure as in question 1 only in this case time is given, find torque

    Question 3:
    Draw FBDs of the drum and the lift. Use Newton's second Law.

    Question 4:
    FBD is the key to all of the problems. Use Newton's second Law to find alpha. You have time in this problem therefore the approche is to use momentum.
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    do we have to print out the worksheet, fill in our (your?) name and send it to your professor by DHL so that he gets it on thursday ? :biggrin: You forgot to give his address :smile:
    Please read the guidelines: you're supposed to show some work first.
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