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Dynamics Problem: Calculating the torque on the thighs and shanks

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    I have a machine design problem here. Actually, it's more of a dynamics problem. I designed a simple robot in Pro E (please refer to figure) and I have to manually solve for the torque experienced by the thigh connection (the joint that connects the thigh to the torso) as the thigh and the shank moves. I did a lot of methods but they don't seem to work. The torso is fixed so it serves as the datum. The angular positions of the thigh and the shanks are given. I have the mass and inertia properties (mass, moments of inertia, volume) of the materials involved as well as the geometrical properties (length, width, height, center of mass). The thigh and the shank have angular velocities and accelerations and they are assumed to be equal to zero initially. For this problem, we can consider the analysis of the right lower limb first. Please help me with this. Thanks a lot. Biped_right.jpg Biped.jpg
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