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Homework Help: Dynamics problem

  1. Feb 5, 2006 #1
    Hi I need soem help on thsi problem

    A 1500N block sits at rest on a ramp inclined at 40.0 degrees. The coeffeicients of starting and kinetic friction are 0.100 and there is a force of 250N applied up the ramp. I have to find the acceleration and net force. But how can I find the net force if I can't use sigmaFx= ma?
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    Try resolving the forces acting on the block parallel and perpendicular to the plane, then you can use the components of each force.
    e.g., weight becomes [tex] W_h = mgsin40 [/tex] and [tex] W_v = mgcos40 [/tex] for the horizontal and vertical components respectively.
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    What would I be solving for?
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