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Homework Help: Dynamics question!

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    A window washer of mass M is sitting on a platform suspended by a system of cables and pulleys. He is pulling on the cable with a force of magnitude F. The cables and pullys are ideal (massless and frictionless), and the platform has negligible mass.

    So the situation here is that the window washer is pulling onto one side of the pulley and other other side is connected to the platform. The washer's pulling down on the cable of the pulley with a force of F.

    My idea is that since the the pulleys are ideal, the accelerations must be constrained. Also, the Tension on each cable parts are equal. So then, isn't the F just Mg???
    but it seems to simple.... it can't be worth 5 marks with this answer...:confused:
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    Is this actually a real hard question??? T.T... seeing that no one's posting anything....
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