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Homework Help: Dynamics Questions

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    I need some help figuring out some questions for my Physics class. None of the answers are in the book, and I can't find them on the internet. I had to do a whole bunch, and I just can't get the last 4-5. Could you help me please?

    1. What concept is used to quantify the inertia of an object?

    2. A small stuffed animal hangs from the rear view mirror of a car turning a corner. Sketch the position of the stuffed animal relative to the mirror during the turn as seen by a passenger. Explain the reason for the perceived movement of the stuffed animal.

    3. Astronauts working outside of the space shuttle in Earth's orbit are able to move large satellites. One astronaut referred to the satellites not as heavy, but as massive. Explain the astronaut's comment?

    4. If an object's mass resists any change in its motion, how then, does the motion of a mass change?

    5. What concept is used to quantify the inertia of an object? My answer: Inertial mass...is this correct?

    Thanks so much for your help
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    1 - mass.
    3 - What is heaviness?
    4 - apply force
    5 - correct.
    I din't understand 2nd question.
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    2. Newton's first law requires that the doodle want to keep on moving in a straight line. It will therefore swing outwards and upwards with respect to the mirror as the car turns. The string will then pull it and supply the necessary centripetal force for it to follow the turn. The string will point along the radius of the turn towards the doodle.
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