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  1. Jul 9, 2010 #1
    Greet for everyone in this forum, i am looking for papers because i need it so much..
    if anyone has them or may guide me to their link, please send it to me and i will be very grateful for him...
    papers as follows:
    1-A.A. Khachatryan, "Longitudinal vibrations of prismatic bars made of different-modulus materials,[/B]" Mech. solids, 2(5), pp.94-97, 1967.
    2-A.G. Galoyan and A.A. Khachatryan,"On transversal vibration of beams made from different modulus material[/B]," (in Russian), Dokl. akad. nauk Armyanskoi SSR, 66, 22-26 (1978). see Appl. mech. rev., 32, Rev. 1055 (1979).
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