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  1. Hello all, :)

    These days almost every book also comes in electronic version. I have not used any ebook reader till now. I need a ebook reader with color display which can support most ebook formats such as PDF, DJVU, Mobipocket etc. I can highlight text, add notes, and this device should be slim and is under the $300. Do you know about any such ebook reader? Tell me please if you have some information. And forgot to tell it's display size should be almost 10 inch.
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  3. The Kindle DX is the closest you'll find with regard to screen size, but no color. No eBook reader exists that has everything you want.
  4. I agree with the above. Kindle DX is the closest you will find. Any decent Ebook won't have colour. The ones with colour, either have a false e reader screen (Uses LED, what is the point in an ereader than?), or are extremely slow like the recent asian produced one.
    In regards to the kindle dx, it seems to have less PDF functionality than the normal 6" screen kindle which has better functionality.

    Anyway, for a true book experience, I vote for the kindle, but don't take note of this as I am extremely biased having one ;-).
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    If you're set on being able to see color, you might consider just getting a gently-used tablet PC, or just an Android tablet like the Xoom. They're a lot more expensive than the Kindle, but much more capable too.
  6. Many, many thanks everyone. I appreciate your suggestions. I hope more will come along the time. Xoom is a good advice but costly (around $700). Perhaps I should wait for another some months and invest more money to buy a good all purpose device such as Xoom.

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    For a true book experience, only an actual (not virtual) book will do.
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  9. Samsung just released a Wi-Fi version of the Galaxy Tab for $349. From glancing at the specs, it meets all of your requirements other than the screen size (only 7"). Also, since its Wi-Fi only, you aren't required to go out and purchase a data plan to use all the features.

    Actually, it becomes available on 27 April 2011 (two days); however, you can pre-order most anywhere which sells Samsung tablets.

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  10. Yeah but think of the trees you sacrifice.
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    Are you sure nothing is being sacrificed during e-book reader production?
  12. Yes there is but it is infinitely less. If I am to trust this website, http://www.conservatree.com/learn/EnviroIssues/TreeStats.shtml

    1 ton of virgin paper = 24 trees
    3000 books = 24 trees (assuming average weight of a book is 12 ounces or 340 grams)
    6500 books = 52 trees
    8 GB of information = 52 trees (assuming average data in a book is 1.2 MB)

    As for the E-book reader I cannot find any reliable statistics about how much silicon is used for producing an integrated circuit, but anyways, there will still be less environmental damage, considering we already are making so many electrical gadgets.

    Though I agree that an effective method to deal with e-waste has to be found.
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    It is not only silicon. Add to that all the chemistry required for plastic case, display, battery, PCB and so on - they all have an environmental price tag on them. Could be in the long run e-book is cheaper/safer, but it is not that apparent at first sight.
  14. I spent the last 45 seconds trying to think of a way this made even the smallest bit of logical sense, but I couldn't.
  15. Well now that you mention it, I see that it really does make no sense. Sorry, what I meant was that there is already so much consumption of electronic goods that the production of e-book readers would not significantly worsen the problem of e-waste. Any contribution that they have towards e-waste will be greatly compensated by saving a huge number of trees. Plus if we find a way to make these e-book readers (and also other electronic goods) such that they are later easily recyclable, we will have gone many steps ahead towards a clean environment.
  16. @painter Guy:hi, lots of e-book readers are available even below 100$(best ones too).what do you want? i mean android tablet, ipad, ipad2 or e-book reader.
  17. For pdfs and djvu i would recommend the pocketbook 902 or the 903 its pretty good handling them and the screen size is the same as the kindle dx 9.7"
  18. Have you looked at the Amazon Kindle? My friend has one and it is very very nice, I'm looking at getting one myself.
  19. kindle fire is nice for the price, and a nook color is amazing if you are going to mod it.
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