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E.coli MMG requirements?

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    I'm quite confused about the minimal growth requirements for different auxotroph E.coli cells. How can I deduce the minimal conditions for these? e.g.

    E.coli leu trp val bio

    E.coli leu(am) trp(ts) supF

    E.coli ilv trp leu(am) supF(ts)/F'val

    E.coli delta(ara-leu) (lamda cI(ts))
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    This one is simple you need to add leucine, Tryptophan, Valine and biotin.

    Find what am, ts, ivl and supF is and you will get to know what the mutation are and what is required to do.

    Here learn what delta means and what is the area between ara and leu, and what is lamda cI.
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