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E&M exam

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    So i have a midterm tomorrow in E&M and i'm not well prepared at all. The whole class is pretty much already prepared to fail... so i'm not alone in that at least. Basically, i have one more day (tomorrow) to study, so i best make the best of it. We get to bring index card "cheat sheets" that have any formulas we think will be handy, so i won't waste time memorizing that stuff. Basically, i was hoping you all could point me in the most efficient directions and tell me what are probably the most important concepts and ideas, and will likely be tested.

    The topics we're covering are:
    capacitors and capacitance
    -Ohms law
    wheatstone bridge.... kirkoff rules?
    RC circuits
    AC power
    magnetism? (my notes have gone that far, but i went to class last week and we weren't any where near magnetism, so i dunno if that'd be on the test)

    So ya, hopefully you can just tell me what you think the most important stuff to study would be, and then i can do that. Thank you.
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    Ohm's law and Kirchhoff's (sic) laws are essential.And u should be able to apply them on every possible problem involving continuous current.

    If u have a sheet with formulas,then u should be able to deal with formuleas involving capacitors and resistors.RC circuits involve a little calculus.Hoe you're familiar with it.

    As for Wheatstone bridge,if u know how to use Kirchhoff's (sic) laws,then it should be okay.

    So i really cannot say what formulas you should write on that paper,but i hope u'll know how to use everyone of them properly and,of course,get their meaning.

    Dunno what u covered from magnetism (magnetostatics,i guess),it's a vast subject.I advise to write a few formulas from there,too,just in case the prof. would try to surprise you in a bad way.

    I can say "Good luck !!" :wink: :smile:

    And do this sort of activity during the day,and not after midnight,okay? :rolleyes:

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