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E-mail notitfication delay

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    Is it just my e-mail or the system?
    I posted a question today in the morning, and I was waiting for someone to help out with the problem. I kept my yahoo page open and checked my email every 2 hours...yeah, I really needed a response. I didn't see anything in my email box till 4:43. This was not an issue. untill I went to check out the thread after the notification. The surprising thing was that 3 people had replied to my post, but the email notification of the response to my post was from the first helper at 2:43 not 4:43. The last person to help me out had posted at 4:30. :eek:

    What is going on with this? :confused:
    Is it PF? I used to check my email so I didn't have to keep coming back to the posts when I asked physics questions, and it was working lightning fast, back then.

    Just curious. I'll have to go back to the thread everytime, instead of going to the email box.
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    I can't comment on the e-mail delays, but if you don't want to keep going back to your threads to check for replies, you can click on the My PF link at the top of the page. This will then display a list of all your subscribed threads that have been replied to since you last read them.
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    Hi christina! :smile:

    I get the same problem once every few weeks (my email is Mail 2.1.3 on an iMac).

    I get no notifications for two hours or more, and then a lot come through together.

    Yesterday, I kept hearing a ping! that tells me an email has arrived, but when I looked there was nothing, not even in the Trash or other folders. The emails eventually arrived about 2 hours later.

    So yesterday it looks as if my software was reading my emails first, and then forgetting to pass them on. :frown:

    (though on previous occasions, I heard no ping!, so I was more inclined to blame the PF server :rolleyes:)

    Suggestion: if you have IE, you can bookmark your thread, and subscribe to it, and IE will check for updates and notify you. :smile:
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    not only do they arrive late but they sometimes arrive in the wrong order.
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    Wow, you have machine that goes "ping"?

    IMHO there are so many servers between PF and your mail server that such things may (and will) occasionally happen. Internet is a thing that lives its own life. We should prepare torches and pitchforks to be ready, just in case it breaks free.
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    Dive! Dive!

    Hi Borek! :smile:

    It'll also go Basso Blow Bottle Frog Funk Glass Hero Morse Pop Purr Sosumi Submarine or Tink, if I tell it to! :biggrin:

    (though I find Submarine rather worrying … in my position! :redface:)
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    The My PF main page in my opinion is the best way to keep track of threads if you need to be notified swiftly of any reply. All that requires is that you keep the page open in a browser and refresh it every now and then. Same goes for the subscribed threads page.
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