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E Mail

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    Ok i thought i had this all set up but i can not configure my e mail
    i keep getting the error,
    fetchmail 6.2.5-45 i 586 was not found on the medium, do i have
    to load this from cd?
    once i found all the internet settings that worked ok without the
    im using suse 9.1
    thanks for any help.
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    Configure YaST to download and install software form FTP repositories. Install (or reinstall) from said FTP site. Installing via FTP is slow especially when compared to the good'ol CD installs, but you end up with up-to-date software. Go to the Suse site (the downloads section) and find a handful of FTP locations close to you. You can have Yast install from the 9.1 tree or the current tree. I'd say use the current tree because the software is usually more up to date.

    Good luck.
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    thanks for info, i have searched for a site to download from
    but none seem to support suse 9.1 i586 version, very few
    even show 9.1 in listings, any ideas where i can find a site?
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    Here's the mirror list:

    Here's one of the UK FTP's:

    If you look but don't find a specific 586 branch then go through the 386 branch. Suse uses the generic i386 label though the software you get will be compiled for 486 at a minimum. Suse might be optimized for pentiums(?) not to sure though. I use Gentoo, and the last time I played with Suse was about a year ago.
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    oh my, to instal package 6.2.5-45 i have to install," python tk",
    and then another conflict, i have to install-----------
    thanks for the url at least i have part of the problem solved
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    YaST has an option to automatically select needed packages. Don't install directly from the FTP use YaST software update. Yast will find all missing packages and rectify the situation.
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