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E-mail ?

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    this might be a dumb question but what if I had an 2 e-mail accounts
    like A and B if I had my e-mails from b forwarded to A and then e-mails from
    A forwarded to b , would this eventually go to infinity on the number of e-mails .
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    Usually not (assuming up to date software is running on the mail servers involved). Usually, stuff is added to the header during each 'loop' so that one of the servers (at some level < 20) recognizes that an e-mail loop is going on and stops it before it consumes too much disk space / bandwidth:

    Also, most e-mail servers only give you so much space (although the possibility of a reject e-mail loop exists if both your mail boxes were full, there are measures to prevent this from happening, also).

    Yes, this is because sometime in the past, this consumed an awful lot of time / computing resources, and someone decided to nip it in the bud.
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    And it's a good thing if the software nips it in the bud. An infinite e-mail forwarding loop would send a human into labrat hell, resulting in slow starvation as he mindlessly clicked on each e-mail, in spite of already knowing what each e-mail would say.

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