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Homework Help: E^x = k/c sin^2(x)

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    1. The problem statement, all variables and given/known data

    [tex] e^x = \frac {k}{c}sin^2(y) [/tex] solving for t

    i thought it was [tex] t=arcsin(\sqrt{\frac{ce^x}{k}}) [/tex]

    but my calc is saying like the answer above + ln4*pi + pi.
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    er, where is there a "t" in your expression? do you mean t instead of y? or is y a function of t? if the y is supposed to be a t, you are most certainly right, otherwise, we are missing information
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    [tex]y= arcsin(\sqrt{\frac{ce^x}{k}}))[/tex]
    is a solution buy sine is a periodic function so there are other values of y that will give the same value.
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