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E17: Try it to believe it.

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    Move over OSX, E17 is here

    And I thought Fluxbox was quick. E17 from CVS is as smooth as butter and has better visuals then gnome or kde. The drop shadows that E renders doesn't slow down my machine horribly like xcompmgr. I highly recommend people to try it out. Next on my list of things to do is get icons working for engage and install evidence.

    I can't wait until the code is stable. The next gen desktop for linux is here. :smile:
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    I've been waiting a long time for E17 to become stable. I love E16 (my primary desktop environment). It's fast--as fast as IceWM if not faster, and I like the clean uncluttered desktop. I swung by the enlightenment site a few weeks back just to see what was happening and I saw they had added xine and a few other nifty things to the environment.

    Maybe I'll give it a try. Thanks for the info.
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    Is there a way to add programs to the fluxbox menu?

    Change the background?

    Been trying to figure how, if its possible but haven't been able to.
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    To edit the fluxbox menu you need to change ~/.fluxbox/menu

    To change the background you need to change ~/.fluxbox/startup

    There are instructions within each file to do what you want.
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