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E7(7) Supergravity, d=60.

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    E(7(7)) and d=11 supergravity
    Authors: Christian Hillmann
    (Submitted on 9 Feb 2009)

    Abstract: This thesis firstly investigates whether D=11 supergravity can be lifted to a higher dimensional theory without introducing additional bosonic fields by interpreting the E(7(7))-symmetry of N=8 d=4 supergravity as part of a coordinate symmetry acting in a 60 dimensional restricted or exceptional geometry. It is proved that the supersymmetry variations of D=11 supergravity, truncated to d=7, can be reproduced from this exceptional geometry in the expected manner. Secondly, Borisov's and Ogievetsky's procedure to construct a theory with diffeomorphism covariance from the joint non-linear realization of the affine linear subgroup of diffeomorphisms with the conformal one is reviewed in detail, which is then extended by discussing torsion in this context.
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