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Each question contains the initials of words that will make it correct

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    Each question contains the initials of words that will make it correct. Find the missing word.

    1000= W. that a P. is W.
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    1000 words that a picture is worth
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    A picture worth a thousand words.
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    meteor wins the point!
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    I think you shouldn't lock threads once they're answered, that way we could discuss them..
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    personally i like the cheerful snappy ending when G says
    "point for so and so!"

    we tend to argue about everything else at PF sometimes forever so this has a nice closure and finiteness that is a refreshing change

    also whether G is right or wrong he is awarding the point to the answer THAT HE WAS LOOKING FOR and the game is to guess that, so only he can say

    i probably would disagree with G on various other things but i rather like the format of this game, both to play and observe, as it is

    but goo, if you like to discuss things come to one of the forums and ask a question, i promise you will get plenty of discussion!
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