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Homework Help: Early Quantum mechanics

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    describe one way in which orbits and orbitals are similar, and two ways in which they differ.
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    one way in which orbits and orbitals are similar ....is their motion? they are revolving around somthing...?
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    First, the difference is 2 letters: al
    Second, the orbital is a 3-dimensional volume of space where the probability of finding some electron is given by Quantum theory.
    The orbit, on the other hand, is 2-dimensional (a circle) and comes from Bohr's model.
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    1. Orbits contain orbitals .......... atleast in an atom
    2. Orbits are imaginary PATHS while Orbitals are imaginary CLOUDS
    3. The particles in an orbit restrict themselves strictly to it, while orbital particles are free to move out of their clouds (but mosly stay in that cloud itself) :wink:
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