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News Early recall report

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    With 2% of precincts reporting at 11:22 ET, USA Today has called the recall in favor of ousting Davis and electing The Terminator (12% at 11:52ET for CNN). As hilarious as that is on its own, I'd like to see the projection blow up in their faces just like the 2000 election did.
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    This may be a good time for investors to put some of their money into California's bonds that now have near junk status. The growing economy propelled by Pres. Bush’s tax cut has already greatly reduced Ca.'s debt. A new administration with sound fiscal policies and supportive of business will likely return the state to it’s prior glory in a year or two. You’ll have to be patient to see a good return on your money. Remember California's economy is as large as England's with a greater percentage of its people educated and trained in high technology. Its potential for growth, unimpeded by government restraint is phenomenal. Other high tech states are Texas, Mass., New York and New Jersey. I'd stay out of Jersey until they rid themselves of their equally bad governor.
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    When reading these posts, I see lots of errors...California does have a lot of growth potential, so long as Repugnicans stay out of the way.
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    hahahahaha... ha... ha...

    Seriously though, what the hell are you smoking? The President's tax cuts benefit the rich much more than the middle class and the poor. Trickle down economics is a joke, no respectable economist would deem it as an effective way to create jobs (which is what California and the rest of the country needs). The marginal propensity to consume decreases the further one travels up the economic latter.
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    Then magic must explain the decrease in California's debt from 38b to 8b.

    PS - None of the money trickled into my pocket as I'm out of the bracket so to speak, but my daughter and husband with 5 children saw quite a large trickle. Courtesy of Pres. Bush, thay had a 4 day trip to Disney world and a new family room in their basement.

    Horrors, horrors! Employment rate up. Un-enployment rate down. Stock market up. Economic growth expected to push 5% next year. What will the lefties do?

    It doesn't seem Florida will be a problem for Pres. Bush in the next election. It seems that his brother has the state's economy growing the fastest of all. But maybe the liberals will figure a way to dangle electronic chads.
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    Are you insane? Seriously, are you freakin' insane?
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