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Early reg perks at QG-square

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    Registration for next year's Quantum Geometry/Gravity conference is now open.
    And there's a nice BONUS for people who submit an abstract have it accepted early.

    There are 50 free-of-charge bed-and-breakfast rooms that will go to people who register early and are contributing talks.

    If I am mistaken about this, hopefully one of the Nottingham people will correct me.

    The links with conference information that I am taking this from is
    http://www.maths.nottingham.ac.uk/conferences/qgsquared-2008/ [Broken] and
    http://www.maths.nottingham.ac.uk/conferences/qgsquared-2008/registration/ [Broken]

    There are more on-campus dorm rooms that they charge for (I don't expect it is very much), but only 50 free ones.
    There are also student discount dinner tickets.
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    "Approximately 50 of the rooms will be offered free of charge to participants whose principal place of work is in Europe"
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    Aaargh! I don't see how I missed that detail.:yuck:
    No freebees for our side.
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    Hmm, this would have to be the year after I graduate and move away from Nottingham; I'd definitely have snuck in if it was last year! Incidentally, I used to live in the halls they're accommodating people in.. oh the memories!!

    Oh, and if anyone is reading this who is planning on going and flying into heathrow, book train tickets from st pancras to nottingham a few months in advance (www.qjump.co.uk), and buy two single tickets. If you book early, you can get there and back for about £14. A tube journey from heathrow to st pancras is about £4. So, it can be a lot cheaper than it advertises on their website!
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    Hi everyone, funding is coming from the ESF therefore the European restriction. The travel info is still in a state of flux, we're working on it especially the (non existent) train section.
    I use qjump as well and it will be on the webpage soon-ish.

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