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Early study touts honey as antibiotics substitute

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    This is something a Grandmother or the local bee keeper has always told us but, Bee's Honey is now being studied in labs and is showing the promise of being hugely more effective than antibiotics in many cases including super bug infections.

    For the rest of the story click below...

    http://ca.news.yahoo.com/s/afp/080924/health/canada_medicine_research_1 [Broken]

    I've always heard about the Russian Bee Keepers who eat honey all day long, and Royal Jelly from the bees. The rumour about them was that they consistently live to be around 125 years old, and attribute this longevity to their diet of bee's honey and royal jelly. Manuka Honey from New Zealand has also been touted as a cure for the lesions and cuts that won't heal on a Diabetic's body. Now here's some proof that these claims may be real...
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