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Earning Money Easy Way

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    I am a student majoring in computer science in 2nd year..i have heard about this few days ago and i want to hear your sincere advices upon this .

    This Company claims that the individual joining it will receive a certain amount
    of money for prompting others .
    It has a got exactly the same the structure as that of a balanced binary tree.
    For joining it,there is a enterance fee of about 160$ and for every fixed number of individuals joining under you ,you will get a fixed amount of money
    from the company.

    There are many other policies of this company and it is not possible to describe all policies so I want a sincere advice from all of u whether I should
    trust such companies.
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    Chi Meson

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    Google "Ponzi Scheme." save your money.
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    There are legitimate multi-level marketing companies out there (Amway, Avon, Pre-Paid Legal) in which you receive a certain percentage of the revenue brought in by independent salespeople that you recruit into the company, along with a percentage of the revenue you bring in yourself. However, when you receive money simply for recruiting new salespeople, that is a pyramid scheme and is illegal. If the FTC learns of this company's practice, it will get shut down.

    You can, of course, make money in a pyramid scheme; if you're good at it, you can make quite a bit of money, so you aren't necessarily going to get ripped off. It's still illegal, though. Does this company even sell any kind of product or service?
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    Well this company has hot got its headquarters in India..yeah it sells product to spread Computer literacy..It has got selling of some Packages and other such products..And actually my seniors have joined it and they claim its very easy to learn lots of money through this...
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