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Earnings ratio/Boxplot

  1. Apr 24, 2008 #1
    Can you help me in this question??

    The weekly earnings (including overtime)and the hourly earnings (including overtime) of

    male and female restaurant staff who are working full time are given in the table below:

    Gross weekly and hourly earnings of male and female restaurant staff in 1999
    Gross weekly earnings Gross hourly earnings
    (£) (Pence)
    Women Men Women Men
    Highest decile 235 275 556 641
    Upper quartile 192 230 477 513
    Median 163 183 402 434
    Lower quartile 138 151 363 389
    Lowest deciles 122 128 349 360

    (a) Which of these two types of data would you use to compare the earnings of male and female restaurant staff? Give a brief justification for your choice.

    I would use gross hourly earnings since men work more hours per week than women ...

    (b) Calculate the earnings ratios for the restaurant staff at the median, the upper and lower quartiles, and the highest and lowest deciles. Comment on what these figures tell you about the relative earnings of male and female restaurant
    staff in 1999.

    earning ratio at the median =median earning of women/media earning of men



    (c) If data were available on gross earnings (excluding overtime) for male and female
    restaurant staff, would you expect the earnings ratios calculated using such data to be
    greater or smaller than those you calculated in (b)? Explain your answer briefly.

    The earnings ratio will increase ..This is because men's earnings is larger than women,therefore the earnings gained from overtime for men is larger also ..So when excluding overtime

    (d) Draw clear and accurate decile box-plots (as described in Unit 3) to represent the earnings
    data for male and female restaurant staff. What do the box- plots tell you about the
    relative earnings of male and female restaurant staff in 1999 ?

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    Please I Need Your Help.. I Want To Understand The Question
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