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Earphone related question

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    ok my earphones werent working properly..
    sony ericsson.. i had two sets of the headset and earphone pair..
    anyhoo one of the earphones wudn't work if they were properly fixed in the jack but if i fixed the pin thingi lightly in the jack both wud work..
    so i decided to open my earphones... um.. that place where all the wires are connected.. anyhoo there were 3 wires, red blue and green so i touched the ends of the red and green together and there was sound in both earphones
    and then i taped it that way..
    but today i untaped it all and none of the wire ends are touching now and i can still hear in both earphones...
    can someone explain this!!!
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    It's magic.
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    I seems that you have an intermittent bad connection on one channel of your phones. Often when you only loosly (or half way) plug a stereo jack into a socket it shorts L and R channels together so I guess that's what was happening there. Note that you might hear something in both ears but its the same channel in both so not proper stereo.

    Most likely the same when you shorted the two wires inside your earphones. My only guess as to why it's now working without the short is that the open-circuit is intermittent and just moving the wires around has caused it to make connection once more.
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