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Earth as a capacitor

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    dear sir
    the charge on clouds and ground can be different and this causes lightning due rain only. i want to know more about the process that causes it
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    Clouds become charged by rubbing against one another, not unlike rubbing a glass rod with a silk cloth. When the charge becomes sufficiently disparate you can have cloud to cloud, or cloud to ground electrical discharges [i.e., lightning].
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    Go ahead and read All About Lightning, by Martin Uman. Only $6.95 from Dover.
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    Simon Bridge

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    shivakumar, you "want to know" all about all kinds of neat subjects. So do we all.

    That's a healthy curiosity, and good to see, however the subjects tend to get quite big so it is difficult to know how best to help you.

    The way to get best value from these forums is to read about the subjects oneself and then ask questions about it where you get stuck. The questions are a way we can narrow down our replies to things that will be helpful.
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