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Earth Core Pressure Matrix

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    What would it feel like to stand in the core of the earth?

    I was thinking since there would be like pressure coming from one one side, and pressure coming from the other, you would feel skinner. Plus it would be cozy ^^ Although I guess it would be sorta shaky and make you woozy because of the convection in the outer core combined with the stirring of the inner core due to the earth's rotation as per the Coriolis Effect =(

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    Ummm… like being burned to death, crushed to death, and suffocated at the same time?
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    Oh, right. Whoops, sorry.

    Yes, very cozy. Like you're clasped to the matronly bosom of Gaia!

    It would be like floating in zero gravity in space, I think. And even if you were spinning around at the same speed as the earth, I don't think you'd feel dizzy, because you'd be going so slowly it would take an entire day for you to spin around once, right?
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    it'd be hot, and you'd be under so much pressure that you would be crushed into a tiny little crystal, I doubt you'd "feel" a thing then
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    Crystalline states possible at those temperatures?
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