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Earth From Space Documentary

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    I original posted this in GD. It may be more appreciated here. It is a lot more than just pictures.

    It is long so get a drink and a some snacks before starting to watch.

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    I thought I saw Luke Sywalker on his camel-thing in the beginning and a scene of a sand storm from Scorpian King. Two movies in one!! Popcorn here we go. :biggrin:

    Nova usually is quite good. Thanks.
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    It is one of the best Nova science documentaries I have seen. For starters:

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    Hi edward

    just finished watching that doco .... very good :)

    thanks for sharing the link

    and here's another good one from the Nova


    a doco on the Earths magnetic field

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    Thanks Dave
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    I was surprised to see that this documentry was in part funded by the David H. Koch foundation. Wonder if he knows that his money is being used to fund programs that support anthropogenic global warming.

    Apart from that, very enjoyable.
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    "Earth From Space" was not really about global warming not to mention AGW. Warming and it's effects were briefly mentioned. So was cooling. Koch funds a lot of PBS science programs.
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    I didn't say it was about AGW, I said it supported it. If you watch from 1hr 46min to 1hr 52min it does support AGW explicitly. But this is all beside the point, great imagery and generally very good explanations for the global circulation patterns and explanations of the 'earth system'.
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    I can agree with that.:approve:
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