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Earth from space

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    Freshly on the news - earth from space for $148 (and here).

    That reminded me of a similar thing I have read few years ago - http://vpizza.org/~jmeehan/balloon/ [Broken].
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    They're lucky that thing didn't end up in the ocean somewhere.

    The next goal is for just some average joe to get a shot of the entire Earth.
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    That's not necesarilly luck, they did some research to minimalise the risk.

    Sure, starting the balloon from the backyard in Kansas makes chances it will hit the sea much smaller :smile:
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    He gets my vote any day,i love these $poor projects.
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    Good find.
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    Bravo! I think that was great and hopes he keeps up the spirit of " what if I try this" , all his life.
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    Wow that's amazing. I would never have thought it possible. Great job on these guys for doing this. Nice find man :P
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