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Earth-like Gravity.

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    Could an asteroid be far more dense than Earth but a person standing on it would experience the same effects as Earth's gravity?

    How small and how dense could this object be before things get strange?

    If a person were standing in a protected space suit (from radiation, heat vacuum, etc) on a small chunk (equal to the mass of the Earth) of Brown Dwarf or other dense material ignoring radiation (only looking at gravity) would this person experience any ill effects or would it be just like walking on Earth but in a heavy suit?

    What if the dense material were even smaller and more dense?

    How far could this process go (of materials as massive as the Earth but in a much smaller package) before there were ill effects from standing on a small dense piece of matter in outer space?

    By ill effects.. I assume that perching on a basketball sized nuetron star (asteroid) in outer space would be harmfull somehow.
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    The size does not matter, just the density, which is mass/area. So as an object gets more dense the acceleration effect increases, once acceleration gets high enough you would experience internal trauma, just like in a bad car accident.
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    Yes for the most part. The tidal forces would be different.

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