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Earth-Moon Barycentre

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    I recently came across an article on which I am somewhat skeptical, because one has to pay to see it, but nevertheless it was interesting. Have a look at the abstract for feature 4 on:

    <link removed by cristo>

    The author suggests that the barycentre of the Earth-Moon system moves in unidirectionally every day and then another direction over a 9 year basis. Can such an effect be back up outside of this webpage and what si the source of the effect?

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    Are these papers published in a peer reviewed journal anywhere? If not, then they do not meet PF guidelines and, as such, cannot be discussed here. Personally, I wouldn't trust any paper that one has to buy from a private website.
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    On closer inspection, it is clear that this site is non-mainstream, at best, and is thus not permitted here for discussion. I would advise you not to waste your money on this website, and instead subscribe to a real journal!
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