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Earth or space research?

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    If you could only choose one to research which would it be and why?

    My priority would be earth first then space based purely on personal interest. Of course I would like to see more about both.
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    jack action

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    I'v always been amazed on how little we do to explore the depth of the oceans. I would be more curious about that than exploring other planets.
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    It's almost ironic that it's we can see perhaps a few hundred feet through water, but more than 40 billion light-years through space. o_O
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    The oceans were the next frontier. Space is the final frontier.

    We may not know a ton about what's deep under the ocean, but we're confident that there are no cities down there. I don't have the same confidence about all of the other planets in the Milky Way.
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    Space. Definitely space.

    Even just the solar systems has a vast wealth of useful metals and gases, which can be mined. The monetary value itself means space is the most likely next step.

    From a science perspective, you can't hope to find out the secrets of the universe staring at deep water fish and geothermal vents.
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    From a mining perspective the ocean produces vast wealth, space consumes vast wealth and returns nothing except movie scripts.
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    This is so incredibly vague. That said my answer is Earth. Because understanding how to live sustainably within our biosphere is not only incredibly important it's something you have to do anyway if you plan on pursuing the Space CadetTM dream of Domed Space CitiesTM at some point down the line.
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    Good point, humans can't live on the same suburban block without someone going postal, how they going to live in a tin can indefinitely?
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