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Earth Questions

  1. Nov 9, 2006 #1
    This question has been absolutely KILLING me because I've checked the answers some 40 times and I still can't get it right.

    These are all the combinations and lengths I've gone through..


    I know:
    A is correct
    B is incorrect
    C is correct
    D is incorrect
    E is incorrect, right? The particles originated from the solar winds.
    F is incorrect. The plates are moving closer together, that's how the Himalayas were formed.
    G is correct.

    Please help! Gah!
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    G is not correct. Plate tectonics are caused by convection in the mantle, not in the core itself.

    I don't know for sure about E, but I presume it is incorrect.

    - Warren
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    Ahhh, so that explains it! The mantle, and not the core!

    Thanks, chroot :]]

    Correct answer is "AC"
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