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Earth quiz

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    I got 8 out of 8.

    I really wanted to answer "squirrel" to a couple of those questions.
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    I know, I too was tempted to choose the squirrel.
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    Oooh, very fun quiz!! I didn't know that poisonous gas killed of so many animals...

    Thanks Evo!!
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    They say I got 8 out of 8, but actually, I got two wrong on the first try and only got them right on the second try. They said stagnate water when they meant stagnant water. They say that bulldozers move more earth than anything else, but I think a single earthquake moves more earth than humans have in all of our history. I can't verify that.
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    Personally, I chose squirrels,
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    Bulldozers?! I didn't have any questions about bulldozers!

    I had a question about what eats pine cones and I never could figure out the answer. It wasn't phytoplankton, though.

    And I had a question about what foxes eat. That was't phytoplankton either! Nor was it salt or pumpkins!

    And I had a question about what saves the Earth from being struck by meteors. That one was hard, too, since Mighty Mouse wasn't an option. Fortunately, squirrel was close enough.

    Edit: Wow! My dog, Zoie, just scored 8 out of 8. I'm impressed!
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