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Earth Resonance Power Generator

  1. Oct 30, 2004 #1
    Hello Everyone,

    I have a quick and dirty question to ask. I have earlier posted about how to make a coil resonate at the Schumann resonance frequency (or multiples of if), and thank you all for your help so far. I thought I may as well tell you what I am trying to do here. I have an idea for a way to make an electrical generator that would be powered by the schumann resonance frequency. The idea is rather simple and I am confident that I could get it to work if I could get all the tuning issues worked out.

    The basic idea is to take a toroid ring made of some ferrous material, and wrap three coils around it (spaced 120 degrees apart but with spaces between them). One of the coils would be tuned to resonate at the Schumann resonance once a magnet is placed next to it. THe idea here is that the coil that is resonating would induce a current in the other two coils that are on the toroid loop and cause them to resonate too. But since they are spaced 120 degrees apart, the resonance would be three-phase (I think, this is all hypothetical here). The idea here would be to get these three coils to resonate out of phase to cause the toroid as a whole to appear to have a rotating magnetic field (to mimic a normal bar magnet being mechanically spun). I'll have to stop right here with the explanation because this is where I'm running into a lot of trouble. I'm not even sure if what I am describing here could work, but it seems like there should be some kind of way to do this.

    Ideally, the thought is that if I could get this rotating magnetic field effect to work, I could wind one big secondary coil around the entire toroid to induce an electrical current in it. I know I'm making a lot of assumptions here and I really don't have the technical background to really make this work on my own. So I thought I'd get a few ideas on it. What do you all think? Is this something that could possibly work?

    - Jason O
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    Ivan Seeking

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    I'm afraid the magnetic field strength is too low to be of use. It is measured in Pico Tesla, which is about ten million times weaker than the earths static field.

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    So this is true too for the resonant electromagnetic field of the earth as well? Ok, well, I don't really have a concept of how much (or little) power that actually is, but I'm curious to know if I could pre-excite a coil to resonate at 7.8Hz with the earth frequency, would it cause the strength of the coil to rise? (If I said that right). I read somewhere from another source that the Schumann resonance had to be "excited to be observed" so I'm wondering if that is what they meant by it. Plus, the other thing is that I wouldn't be trying to power loads directly off of the resonating coils themselves. I just want to use the little bit of power from the coils to simulate a rotating magnetic field in the toroid core. I'm not even going to concern myself with how to apply the rotating field effect but I'm trying to figure out if there is a way to make it work using the earth's field as the power source. So I guess my new question is, is there a way to tap into the resonance energy? Could I use some of it if I manually excite the coil to resonance (using a magnet, oscillator, or battery or something)? What do you all think?

    - Jason O
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    Ivan Seeking

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    The earth's static magnetic field can not be used to produce "free" energy. The Schumann resonance can be tapped for energy in principle, but it is to small to be useful as an energy source. It can be observed by means of a tuned antenna and amplifier. This is probably what you have been reading about. You can make a Schumann receiver; which is really like any radio receiver but it is designed for very low frequencies. Normal radio is in the KHz and MHz range, and as you indicated, the first Schumann frequency is 7.8 Hz. This means that our signal has a tremendously long wavelength. Since antennas are designed as a function of the wavelength they receive, a standard 1/4 wave antenna would be about 9.5 million meters long [or about 1/4 the circumference of the planet]. So special designs are needed to receive and amplify Schumann frequencies for monitoring [observing]. The signal is not only too small to be useful for energy purposes, it is difficult to even detect.
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    Hmm.... okay, thank you for the information. Just curious, if I were to make a circuit that could tap the energy; could I at least use it to maintain the oscillator circuit without trying to do anything else with it?

    Also, do you know of any other natural earth resonances that may be at a higher frequency range?

    Jason O
  7. Nov 1, 2004 #6
    Build a crystal radio and listen for static pulses and general white-noise. This all free natural power being collected and delivered to the earphone.

    A nice side-effect is that you can also collect those less-than-natural radio station signals and get your daily news.
  8. Nov 1, 2004 #7
    Ok guys, thanks for the info. Well, the reason I have been working on this toroid generator idea is because there is actually a real, working one that someone invented. The problem is that nobody knows the specifics of how it runs. I posted a link below to a website containing information on it so far. I also have another link to a website with a bunch of videos of the inventor showing the device. On the page the first link goes to, there are further links to the actual patent for this device, which generally explains how to make the rotating magnetic field effect work. The thing is that the device depicted in the videos is slightly different from the one in the patent since according to the inventor, the power source of the device is the earth's magnetic field. I don't yet have enough specific information on the device to try and replicate it but I thought I would start from scratch and see if I could figure it out for myself. I know for a fact that the device is real though because it has been tested by investors who were interested in buying the technology. I won't go into all the details about that since the info is on the website, but if you can, please take a look at the patent and videos and let me know what you think. At the very least, it's an interesting concept.

    Info and Patent on the device:
    http://peswiki.com/index.php/Directory:Ste...oroid_Generator [Broken]

    Page with the videos on it (Check out coilnew01.avi first. It shows the inventor talking about the device and demonstrating it)
    http://www.harti.com/coil/ [Broken]

    NOTE: Just to be clear here, the inventor is not claimimg to have a free energy/ perpetual motion/overunity device. It's just a conversion device to tap into energy thats here (according to him).

    - Jason O
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  9. Nov 6, 2004 #8
    This link, from the page you listed, looks more like what you're looking for already. Thanks for posting it, indirectly!


    It looks like the motor circuit would reach it's peak pulse rate at the peak frequency of the electromagnet. So, if you wanted a specific frequency, you'd have at least three variables you could adjust; coil inductance, input voltage, and output impedance.

    This should get you really close to the inductance you'd need.


    If these guys are using a lead-acid battery on the output, the output impedance should be a pretty low number.

    Once you got it running you could use a variable voltage on the input to raise and lower the pulse rate to whatever the inductor will allow.

    This thing looks like it might be fun to try. Great, now I'm gonna be in the project room all weekend.... :uhh:
  10. Nov 8, 2004 #9
    Hello all.

    Hi Jdo300, i was also looking the same generator than you. It seems that there are 2 generators related:

    The first one is from Steve Mark. It's only shown on videos.

    The other related generator is a US patent from Alberto Molina Martinez.

    I have the complete patent, and there is something i can't understand, maybe you could help me.

    the second device obtains three-phase power from three-phase power. It's claimed that once the device is started, it could be disconnected, and work on itself giving output power...

    But to me, this device is not different in anything to a kind of three-phase transformer, and you can't extract more energy from a transformer than is given at the input. To me this device looks like if you could excite a transformer with a low signal, and then extract more energy at the output coil than you gave at the input, and that is not what really happen.

    I hope this device not to be this kind of three-phase transformer, because it can't work as expected.

    Is this device working on another principle?

    Finally, it's clear that you will need to maintain and "rotate" the magnetic field. Do you need less energy to create and rotate the field than you can extract as work from such performance? How?
  11. Nov 10, 2004 #10
    Hi Jdo300 I have considered what you’re trying to accomplish in the past. The difference from what I am trying to do and what you are is that I am not concerned with the electrical resonance of the earth. I am concerned with the acoustical resonance of the earth. I am unsure if the acoustical resonance and shuman resonance are the same or similar. I believe shuman can relate to electrical and acoustical also to the atmosphere. If you’re looking to pull power from something you should consider pulling it from the atmosphere. The atmosphere is like a large capacitor just waiting to be tapped between the ionosphere and ground with the air as a dielectric, but instead of having a long wire in the air make a resonant antenna that will cause a path to your transformer with the other end of the primary grounded. Now as far as pulling power from the earth, it is vibrating like a bell and all you should have to do is have a device that is physically in tune with the earth, get it running and have it turn something or move a magnet across a coil, load it down as far as it will go without killing the osc. And go from there.
  12. Nov 11, 2004 #11
    It sounds like you'd want to make your inductor with a VERY large diameter steel or iron core. Then wrap lots of turns of heavy copper wire around it.

    A really simple way to make a large, low-loss core would be to fill a coffee-can with small-head galvanized panelling nails and something like plaster of paris. You shouldn't need much plaster to keep the whole mess rigid.

    Then you could wrap it with something like #14 solid wire. Looks like 500ft of that is about $25 according to my hardware store catalog.
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    why did this post die?
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    I dont know
  15. Jan 16, 2007 #14
    Hello Everyone,

    I'm back again and I’m still working with the Steve Mark toroidal generator. I'm still trying to research different ways that one can tap into the Schumann Resonance cavity if the earth. Though I need to make a few corrections to my earlier posts. First of all, I am not trying to tap into the magnetic field of the earth. That is in fact static (or static enough to be useless for my purposes). The Schumann Resonance relates to the RF cavity between the ground and the ionosphere, has a fundamental frequency of 7.8 Hz (based on the circumference of the earth), and is stimulated into resonance by lightning strikes all over the world (some 100 per second on average).

    As we all know, the RF emitted from lightning is broadband and very powerful but this RF energy resonates the earth’s cavity because it acts like a giant resonator (with the magnetic field being used to bias the direction of the RF propagation). What I am looking to find out now is exactly how much power is actually circulating in the cavity (not including microwave and radio transmissions). Does anyone here have any idea about the energy content of the Schumann cavity?

    Here’s one more thing for those interested in the subject. The link below explains how one would go about tapping into this resonant energy. As we have already discussed before, the big problem is making an antenna large enough to resonate with it. But we can use a special, active antenna to tap into the energy. This guy, Bill Beady made an incredibly interesting article about this here:


    Jason O
  16. Dec 27, 2007 #15
    More On Mark

    A few comments on the Mark Torroidal Generator:

    1) Mark does not use a metal core. In fact he says that a metal core will not work.
    The core he uses (a 'cork-like material' according to one witness) seems to be only a form to hold the coils in shape.

    2) If you are wanting to pick up or interact with fields from the outside, then a torroid is NOT what you want - a straight core would be best (some folks claim that soft iron, usually in the form of a multitude of fine parallel wires bundled into a core, has some special properties which make it especially suitable, others believe the same for barium ferrites - try a ferrite AM radio antenna).

    3) Principle of the Mark device (as I understand it) is not particularly that it interacts with the earth's field. He is creating a rotating magnetic field inside the torus which sweeps electrons along the collector coils. forming an output which is nearly DC. His collector coils are trifilar windings each of stranded wire, wound around the form circumferentially, not looping through the center in normal torroid coil fashion. I think (though details on this part are sketchy) that the 'control' or 'input' coils are wound in the usual fashion, and over or outside of the collector coils. It seems that there are prossibly some additional short, maybe closed coils involved as well. Mainstream physics has no explanation for why this should work, since the field from the input coils is at 90 degrees to the field that would be needed to push current through the collector (by Lenz law interpretation of how these things work). Mark is very vague (like a lot of these guys) in how it works or on construction details, but he does say that there is a resonance or time-of-travel effect -- the input coils pulse their field in time with the length of time it takes for the field to make one circuit around the torus - this is what creates the rotating field which sweeps electrons along in the collector coils. Keely type effects of resonance and what Keely calls 'additive harmonics' seem to be involved, as well as the effects Tesla mentions which result from pulsed DC with a vary rapid cut off time. Mark claims that regular bipolar transistors are not fast switching enough for his device and that only vacuum tubes or maybe mosfets will work.

    A lot of people have put a lot of effort into these things (see overunity.com section on Mark generator e.g. --upwards of 900 posts and numerous actual experiments with hardware, not just gedanken experiments and talk) with no success at duplicating the effect. Still it is one of those free-energy ideas that seems so tantalizingly close to understandability that one just feels that it has to be able to work.

    Good luck with your experiments, and please post any results of note, favorable or unfavorable on one of the public forums.

    Not all torroid shaped generating schemes work or are claimed to work on the same principle as the Mark device.
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  17. Dec 27, 2007 #16
    can anyone experienced here comment on the credibility of this link?


    its interesting and makes sense for the most part (no proofs or mathematics really involved though) and I just don't trust a personal website with this information 100%. Is what he's saying about small antennas picking up large wavelengths? I never thought about it, but it is an interesting question
  18. Jan 5, 2008 #17
    I remember reading where a guy illustrated that one could magnify the size of an aerial by introducing a small output equivalent to the expected input.
    The radiated output would create a field equivalent to the desired aerial size and would also act as an aerial for the signal.

    I still think that antenna design is a spooky art....;)

    Tesla was an extraordinary guy....
  19. Jul 26, 2008 #18
    I beg to differ and agree to dissagree with the earths field to be too small to be useful. Nikola Tesla's experiments in Colorado Springs proved several things, one being that the earth has a vast potential of power available that we can tap into. This power can be used for all of our power needs and replace what is presently being used to generate power. This is THE ANSWER that we have all been looking for to solve our energy crisis! I feel that if we all put our heads toghether and re-examine what Tesla did, we will discover the "free power" that he discovered. And it is not exactly "something for nothing". It is simply utilizing power that already exists that is being generated all around us and yet is un-used; untapped. There was a reason why JP Morgan, GE and Westinghouse pulled out of what Tesla was building in NY. That reason was that they where too afraid that this "free" energy would put them out of a job. Lets do the right thing by humantiy and put the money aside. Let's do this.
  20. Jul 26, 2008 #19
    Antenna design is not really all that "spooky". It is merely just simple physics. The reason why 1/2 wave and 1/4 wavelength antennas work is that it is utilizing the harmonic of the intended frequency that you wish to recieve. Any time you generate a specific frequency, there are harmonics of that frequency also being distributed out, just like ripples in the wave of a drop of water.
  21. Jul 26, 2008 #20
    I believe that the actual resonace is 7.5 Hertz. A simple formula that can be used for any planet is to take the circumference of that planet in miles and divide that by the speed of light.
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