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Earth rotation

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    If I just jump in the sky and will stay for 24 hours by any means, will i make a round of whole world in 24hr?

    As the Earth rotates in 24 hour. and if i jump in the open sky and will stay there for 24 hours by any means(helicoper or personal rocket) .. will i make a round of whole world ..

    how earth rotates.. is it rotate by taking whole atmosphere .. ..

    kindly explain..
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    The atmosphere does indeed rotate along with the Earth. So no, you couldn't hover above the Earth and let it rotate underneath you, unless you were sufficiently high i.e. out of the atmosphere (defeating the point of the question).
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    Even out of the atmosphere you still rotate with the planet.
    You may be on a planet without atmosphere. When you jump you don't loose the speed you had when in contact with the planet.
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    No. Even without the atmosphere, your momentum should keep you going at the same speed unless acted on by an external force. Newton's first law.
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    Depends how you jump.
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