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Earth sun relationship

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    http://www.wxresearch.org/papers/orbit2004.htm [Broken]

    This orbital motion of the Sun has an effect on the Sun. Keep in mind that the Sun is merely a ball of gas. If this orbital motion has effects on this ball of gas we call the Sun, then one could expect it to have similar effects on spherical shells of gas, such as Earth’s atmosphere. Therefore, the Sun-Earth orbital motion has effects on Earth just as it does on the Sun. The Earth does not react the same from this orbital motion as the Sun does. The Sun reacts with changes in Sunspots and other various phenomena. The Earth on the other hand reacts with changing weather and climate. Simultaneous events between the Earth and the Sun in their orbits are shown in Figure 3.

    Have these facts been added to the global warming equation ?
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    Interesting, Wolram. Most unfortunately I cannot see the figures for some reason. Can you? Before commenting, I'd like to see them.

    As for the role of the sun in the climate process. Of course there are two camps once more. The AGW propaganist don't want to hear about it, the skeptics keep telling how important the sun is for climate.
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    As we all know the sun is a ball of gas, the same can be said for our atmosphere
    the out outer planets have some power to distort these gas bodies, ergo change weather patterns on earth, i have no idea of the cycle of these events,
    i leave it to the pros to say if they have any bearing .
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    http://www.surf2000.de/user/f-heeke/article1.html [Broken]

    Try this Andre, not much better, but how much effort has been spent, not as much as co2 i guess.
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    Interesting indeed, Wolram, however links with solar variation and climate are not very clear yet on both papers. I'll send them to a friendly solar scientist.

    About the CO2 - climate connection, there is a very large book here:


    The problem is that the forensic science went on a dead end explaining the ice age, and getting somewhere on a dead end is doomed to fail.
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