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Earth Synchronous Rotation

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    Will the Earth's rotation someday be synchronized with its revolution around the Sun (one rotation on the axis per revolution), such as the Moon around the Earth? If not, why?
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    Why do you think it should be?
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    Why synchronized with the sun, and not with the moon?
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    It should be for the same reason the Moon's rotation is synchronized, the Sun's gravity deforms the Earth a little bit to an oval form and them forces the rotation movement to synchronize with the revolution.

    Thinking about mfb's post, maybe the Earth's rotation really should be synchronized with the Moon's revolution first. Then, the rotation of the Earth + Moon set should synchronize with the set's revolution around the sun.

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    The moon cannot get an orbital period of one year - that does not give stable orbits.

    That would happen in the far future, but the sun will reach the end of its life first, which will alter the orbits of both earth and moon significantly (including the possibility that they fall into the sun).
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