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Earth tilts only a few degrees and the weather changes

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    I find it interesting how the Earth tilts only a few degrees and the weather changes so dramatically. Question: How far fetched would it be to think that the Earths weather system remains a stationary shell and the Earth simply rotates underneath it. To put it another way, the weather "shell" remains the same in relation to the Sun.
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    I guess you are ready to elaborate a lot on that.

    Are you refering to the Brown - Hapgood - White - Velikovski poleshifts?

    Please continue, I won't shoot.
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    Re: Weather

    It's not hard to disprove this. Watch a storm move.

    Furthermore, if the weather shell were to stay fixed with respect to the Sun while the Earth rotated beneath it, I'd expect 1,000 mph winds.

    - Warren
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    I think, Warren, that E6S is refering to a very slow process, where the Earth surface wanders around in a couple of thousends of years, while the climate areas stay put, tied to the lattitude. So that would mean that tropical rain forests, deserts, moderate climates and arctic climates seem to wander around while actually it is the Earth surface that wanders.

    Am I right? E6S
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    You are waaaaay ahead of me. I was just supposing that the Earths 'weather shell' would remain on the same tilt but still rotate like normal. The only exception being that the Earth would continue its seasonal tilting. Sorry if I misspoke.

    I'll google those names and learn more, thanks.
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    You're welcome. :smile:

    Please, Tell us what you think.
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