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Earthing a conductor 2?

  1. Jul 22, 2014 #1
    1)If a negatively charge plastic rod (q=-20 e) is kept near the sphere.( which having net charge is zero.) Then how much negatively charge is repelled at the other end by this plastic rod on sphere.

    2) if earthing is made to the sphere (at the other end), then all the charge which is repelled by the plastic rod will move to the ground?
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    If a rod is negatively charged, then it is negatively charged over its entire length. It is not like a magnet with a north [negative] pole and south [positive] pole.
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    I know the rod is negatively charge (means the more number of negative charge than the positive charge)

    But my question is if negative charge is q= -20e than how much electron will repel on sphere by this negative charge. and by earthing the sphere all this repel electron will flow to the ground?
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